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COMTO was created to provide a forum for senior minority professionals in the transportation industry.

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  • Joe Dillard


    Joe Dillard


    Joe Dillard Jr., the Director of Government and External Affairs at Greater Richmond Transit Company, is a dynamic professional leading the charge in advancing public transportation initiatives in the region. In this pivotal role, Joe collaborates closely with the Senior Executive Team to spearhead and implement transformative strategies, programs, and projects that contribute significantly to organizational advancement.
    With a primary focus on programmatic initiatives, Joe is instrumental in advocating for and advancing various programs, including the drive for fare-free transit, showcasing his commitment to enhancing accessibility and affordability for the community. His strategic leadership extends beyond programmatic contributions to encompass the establishment of robust government affairs components, solidifying his presence as a key player in the public transportation landscape.Joe serves as a crucial liaison between the Board, staff, and the community. His role involves fostering open communication channels, ensuring that organizational goals align with the needs of both the community and internal stakeholders. This collaborative approach underscores Joe's dedication to creating a more inclusive and efficient public transportation system in the region.
    With a track record of accomplishments, including securing significant funding and advocating for policy changes, Joe Dillard is a driving force behind transformative initiatives. As he continues to lead in the realms of government affairs, program advancement, and stakeholder collaboration, Joe remains steadfast in his commitment to improving the lives of those served by the organization.


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We believe that diversity moves the nation.

We believe that the leadership of a massive industry that has the responsibility of transporting all people all the time should reflect the complex mosaic of those they serve. We believe that commitment to inclusion across race, gender, age, religion, identity and experience moves us forward every day.